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Christian Education

Studying and growing in God’s Word continues to be paramount in our life together.

Children’s Ministry:
All children ages three through fifth grade are invited to Sunday School.  We meet from 9-9:45am on Sunday mornings before worship.

Our Sunday School program allows children to meet with God.  The worship service at the center of this program includes approaching God, listening to God’s Word, giving thanks to God, and going in God’s name.  The focal point of every session is the Bible story, which is shared through a sensorimotor style of storytelling.  After seeing and hearing the story, children respond in way they choose — by retelling it, making a picture, working with clay, reading a book, talking to God, or making a puzzle.  We light the Christ candle, read the same story from Scripture, and pray for other people.  Then the group shares a feast and as each child leaves the day’s worship, he or she receives a personal blessing.

If you are interested in hearing more, volunteering, or otherwise supporting this ministry, please get in touch with Pastor Julie.

All 6th, 7th, and 8th graders are invited to participate in our Confirmation Program.  The purpose of Confirmation at Ascension Lutheran is for students to mature in their faith.   Confirmation is a process of integrating religious knowledge, belief, and behavior into the confirmands’ identity and daily life.  This maturation will happen as students engage in learning activities within this community of faith and will conclude with them making a personal commitment while participating in the public rite of Confirmation in corporate worship.   Confirmation is not a destination, but a season of faith intensification — it is a bridge or stepping stone into a life of faith.

Our Confirmation program is flexible in order to meet students’ scheduling needs.  We tailor the curriculum to adapt to students’ questions.  One-on-one attention and relationship-building are core values.

Confirmation is a time to:

    1. Ask questions about faith
    2. Strengthen personal faith
    3. Learn more about God and faith
    4. Develop a personal view of faith

Confirmation includes bi-monthly learning sessions from 9-9:45 on Sunday mornings with Pastor Julie, worshipping with the congregation and serving as an acolyte, service projects at church and in the community, and an annual overnight retreat.

Growing in God’s Word is crucial as people of faith.  We are proud to promote spiritual faith and development through various studies at Ascension Lutheran Church.  Visit us today!