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Confirmation Faith Statement Guidelines

Borrowed from Family of God Lutheran Church & Holy Cross Lutheran Church 

Write out your faith statement, and email it to or hand it in by June 2. Your faith statement will be shared in the bulletin on Confirmation Sunday, June 9. 

A faith statement is a summary of what you believe, hope, and trust. The finished product will be your own statement of faith in God, your Savior Jesus Christ, and the presence of the Holy Spirit in your life. Your faith statement should answer the question, “What is my relationship with God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit?” There’s no one right way to write a faith statement. This is your faith statement. Have fun thinking about how you can best express your sense of God’s work in your life. 

The following are some suggestions or ideas to consider as you work on your faith statement: 

  1. Don’t begin by thinking, “How long does it have to be?” The answer is however long it takes to tell your story. (please write at least 4-6 sentences though!) 
  2. Be honest; don’t worry about saying the right or wrong thing. Your faith statement isn’t graded or corrected, it is an opportunity to express yourself and your faith. 

Here are some topics to consider as you work on your Faith Statement. Just pick one to think and reflect on as you write your paper. Don’t feel like you have to answer every single question. These are simply writing prompts to get you started: 

  1. Let others know: 
    • What impact has Jesus had on your life? 
    • What does confirmation mean to you? 
    • Why is faith important to you? 
    • Have you ever been transformed or changed through your faith?
  1. Think about and share:
    • How do people know you are a Christian? 
    • How would you like to change the world because of your faith? 
    • Do the relationships you have reflect your faith? 
    • How does the way you spend your time show your faith?
    • Why do you want to make a difference in our world?
  1. Share a story of your life that helps illustrate what your faith is all about or how your faith in God has been shaped. 
  2. Give personal examples of times in your life when your community and faith helped you through difficult times or to grow in faith.
  3. Share the questions or struggles you may have about your faith. Are you going through a difficult time in your life? How can your faith help you?
  4. Who has helped you grown in faith? What have your parents done for you? Why have they raised you in the church?
  5. Share a Bible story or Bible verse that is special to you. How have the story or verse helped you to grow: in your faith? With your relationship with God? With your relationship with your family? With your relationship with your friends?
  6. How do you see yourself living out your faith in the future? How do you think God and your faith in Jesus will shape your life four months (a year, ten years) from now? 
  7. What help or support do you need from your family, pastors, godparents, friends and members of the church to help you grow in your faith and keep your Affirmation of Baptism promises?
  8. Where do you need help from God to have your faith grow? 
  9. What do you have to offer to others to help them grow in their faith and relationship with Jesus Christ?
  10. What feelings or emotions do you have when you think about your faith? Remember that faith is a lifelong journey. This faith statement isn’t meant to be a final document. 


“I have needed a strong faith in many situations in my life. I needed faith when I went to the Detroit mission trip, and God showed me parts of Detroit that were wonderful. I needed faith when I went to Knoxville, Tennessee, and God gave me the courage to go out into the city and help the homeless. I also need faith in my daily life when I need help balancing my time between practicing cello, doing schoolwork, and still keeping God the priority.  God is always there for me when I need him just as he said in Isaiah 41:10. As I continue to strengthen my faith during high school, I will never forget the secret to life: Jesus loves me.” — Kevin A.

“Jesus is always listening to our prayers and answers them, but not always the way we want them answered. I pray every day for my family and my friends and anything life throws at me. I pray for the homeless and the people in poverty and that they find help.  On the day before my grandma died, she gave me one last hug. That was comfort beyond belief, but that isn’t the only thing that gives me comfort. Each time I pray I know God is listening, and that is the greatest comfort you can have.” — Abby B.

“When I was little, I used to pray to God for answers. I don’t think that God gives us answers. He does give us hope and strength to find them for ourselves. He gives us determination when we are lost, a light at the end of the tunnel when we are consumed by darkness. Everyone prays for things. God doesn’t always give those things to us…And even though he doesn’t give us everything we ask for, he does give us a future to put those gifts he does give us in.” – Annie